Nice to meet you!
Here I share myself with you
I don't remember exactly what year of school it was, but I can tell you for sure it was still those years when the teachers asked you really stupid questions.
One day the teacher asks us to either write an essay or fill out a test to answer the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

You know, my friends were boys and I enjoyed doing boy things in the yard.
And also just recently I watched the movie Léon: The Professional with Natalie Portman.

Have you already guessed what I wanted to be when I grow up?

Yes, I was very clear on my position to become a killer (assassin)!

Well, my romantic message was not understood by anyone from the school industry. I was sent to see the school psychologist, by the way, she was cool and I liked discussing boy stuff and movies with her.

Now you know what I wanted to be...
And what I became...